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Farmable is a simple farm management system, uniquely designed for row cultures.
Join us in bringing precision agriculture to fruit and vegetable farming.

What is Farmable?

Farmable is making precision farming simple and accessible. Our solution consists of two parts: a desktop Admin Tool and a mobile application.

Our goal is to provide reliable support for a farmer's daily decision-making, enabling the farmer to grow more, while using less.


Farmable Admin Tool

A desktop tool  for building your Farm’s profile by mapping fields and inputting equipment and resources. Once your Farm has a profile, you can create jobs and delegate resources to a specific job.

Farmable App - Field Overview
Farmable App - Job Progress View

Real-time Tractor Guidance

The Farmable App is used in the field to create a job and follow the progress in real-time. The App supports external GPS devices and uses location data to precisely track spraying and fertilizing activities.

Remove the Guesswork.

Use the Farmable App to calculate necessary agrochemical volumes for a job while our tank overview enables planning of tank refills for equipment.

Farmable App - Calculator View


Easy management of fruit and vegetable farming operations.


Farmable makes an exact, digital map of your farm, providing full overview of your crops, and a framework for data collection across all farm operations.


Farmable provides a spraying calculator that gives you the exact amount of product you should use to cover your crops. Not more, not less.

Guide & track

Farmable guides and tracks your drive when you spray so that all your crops are covered – but covered only once. This saves time and use of chemicals.


Through the app, Farmable allows you to delegate a job to one of your farm workers, including precise instructions and tractor guiding. You can rest assured that the job is done perfectly.


Farmable takes care of your documentation by automatically logging information about all activities. You may easily generate compliant reports for authorities and customers.

Field Notes

Farmable Field Notes helps you keep an overview of important observations on your farm. Rest assured you will remember everything that needs careful attention – it’s all in one place!


We believe the technology we hold in our hands every day can be used to unlock the potential of every farm and every farmer. We want to empower farmers to make the most of their available resources.

To Farmable, the farmer comes first.  

Farmer smartphone

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