A Digital Tool for Fruit Farms.

Farmable is uniquely designed to manage operational activities for tree crops. 

We believe the technology held in our hands can be used to unlock the potential of every farm. 



Visualize farm operations in a digital map.  Improve farm planning with a complete overview of your fields, integrated with Field Notes from the Farmable mobile app.


Never forget a field observation again.  Field Notes works to track and record issues in the field.  GPS coordinates will guide you back to the location so you can easily follow-up.


Save time and money in the field.  Optimized driving paths for spraying and fertilizing updated while you drive. Ensure all your crops are covered once and only once.


Communicate with clarity.  Send detailed job tasks to your team members, and stay updated with real-time notifications on job completion.


Peace of mind. Job logs automatically created and securely stored. Effortlessly generate compliant reports for authorities and customers.


Be sure.  Calculate the exact amount of product required to cover your crops and reduce chemical waste

Grow more. Use less.

Farmable is making precision farming simple and accessible. Our solution consists of two parts: a desktop admin tool and a mobile application.

Our goal is to provide reliable support for a farmer's daily decision-making, enabling the farmer to grow more, while using less.


Visualize your farm

A desktop tool for building your farm’s profile by mapping fields and inputting equipment and resources. With a profile, you can create jobs and delegate resources to a specific activity.

Farmable App - Field Overview

In-Field Capture

Spot something noteworthy? Capture it instantly with Field Notes.

Record images, location and comments which feed into your farm’s digital map. Tagged with GPS coordinates, you can easily retrace your steps.

Farmable App - Job Progress View

Real-time Tractor Guidance

The Farmable App is used in the field to create a job and follow the progress in real-time. The App supports external GPS devices and uses location data to precisely track spraying and fertilizing activities.

Remove the Guesswork.

Use the Farmable App to calculate necessary agrochemical volumes for a job while our tank overview enables planning of tank refills for equipment.

Farmable App - Calculator View

Ready to dive in?

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