Engage your growers anytime, anywhere.

Farmable allows fruit agronomists to capture scouting notes and share crop treatment recommendations through a user-friendly mobile app, uniquely designed for tree crops.

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Conveniently view each grower's farm map. Never forget field locations or crop varieties again.


Tired of losing paper notes?  Use field notes to record observations, images and GPS coordinates to support crop treatment planning.


Recommend crop treatment activities directly to your  growers.  View when the work is completed.


Use the digital spray log to view historical records of crop treatments and improve future decision making for your growers.





0,- /mo


Create digital map of farm

Take field notes

Plan, calculate and track jobs

Forecast and log harvest


49 USD /mo


Everything in Free

Delegate jobs to team members

Share and communicate with an unlimited number of growers

Desktop reporting with exportable documents

Ready to dive in?

Download the app and start tracking activity on your farm today. 
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