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Kaye Hope

Kaye Hope
Hey! I'm Kaye, the Commercial Lead for Farmable. I spend most of my time talking with growers to better understand how they use technology today and what their needs are for better software in the future. As a Canadian living in Norway, I love speaking with farms from around the world and finding the common threads - it's incredible how similar we are despite the distances that separate us.
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A Superfood that is Super resilient: Discovering Sea Buckthorn.

Read about Seth’s discovery of a fruit crop that is nutritious, climate resilient and profitable on a small scale.

How can Agtech help Agronomists?

In conversation with Rebecca Dumbrell, Agronomist from TGT Tolga, Australia

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Vidhi Kumar is the newest team member to join Farmable AS, an Oslo-based agtech startup, focused on fruit farmers.

Topics: Onboarding, Team building

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Hiring during a global pandemic brings it's challenges, read about how Farmable pushed forward under difficult circumstances to grow it's leadership team.

It Takes a Village

Apple farmer, Mitchell MacNab, sets an example for the horticulture industry by directly contributing to the development process in several agtech solutions.

Parallel Paths

Two orchard farmers from opposite sides of the planet meet face to face and share common challenges and opportunities to leverage technology in horticulture.

Agtech that Listens

Matt Fealy, a commercial mango and avocado grower from Australia, shares his experience piloting Farmable's orchard management app in his horticulture business.

Laying the Ground Work for Orchard Management

An introduction to precision horticulture with a specific focus on orchard management software.