What Is Farmable?

Farmable is a digital tool to support fruit and vegetable farming operations. Our solutions consists of two components: My.Farmable.tech, a desktop Admin Tool and a mobile application, which you can download.

My.Farmable.techcan be used to build your Farm’s profile by mapping fields and inputting equipment and resources. Once your Farm has a completed profile, you can Create Jobs and allocate resources to a specific Job. The Farmable App can be used in the field to follow the progress of a Job.

Who Can Use Farmable?

Today, Farmable is designed for the use of fruit and vegetable farmers and other farm workers, such as drivers or contractors. The primary use of Farmable is to plan farming Jobs such as spraying and fertilizing and automatically log these Jobs. Progress on Jobs can be monitored in real-time using the Farmable App and when the Job is completed, it is stored in the Farmable archive for future reference.

How Much Does It Cost?

For the 2019 season, Farmable is free for all users.

As premium features are released, monthly subscriptions will be available to purchase.

You can find more details on our Pricing page.

How Do I Reset My Password?

Your username and password is the same for both My.Farmable.tech as well as the mobile application.

You can click here to reset your password.

How Can I Get Support?

You can get support for using Farmable in three different ways:

  1.   Search our Help & Support page    
  2.   Email us anytime at hello@farmable.tech
  3.   Schedule a Demo and a member of our team will support you directly with any questions you have.


How Does Farmable Use GPS?

The Farmable App uses GPS to track progress of a Job and is designed to run off the GPS technology embedded in smartphones. The accuracy of the GPS in smartphones is improving quickly, but as of 2019 we recommend using an external GPS device, such as the Garmin Glo 2.0, to improve the accuracy of the GPS location data communicated to Farmable. We use this location data to measure the progress of a job and determine when a job is complete.

For more information on GPS devices and how Farmable uses GPS technology, please visit our GPS Accuracy Page.

Connecting a Garmin Glo 2.0 to the Farmable App

You can find support directly from Garmin on how to pair a mobile device with their products.

In addition, the team at Farmable can offer these additional tips:

  • Start by checking the battery is inserted into the Garmin Glo 2.0 
  • You can charge the Garmin Glo 2.0 with the cable provided
  • With your Garmin Glo nearby, open the Settings App on your mobile phone.
  • Select Bluetooth and activate if not already turned-on
  • Look for the Garmin Glo in the list of bluetooth enabled devices
  • Select the Garmin Glo
  • Verify the phone is connected to the Garmin Glo by looking for a blue light on the Garmin Glo. This light confirms the devices are connected.
  • You can check anytime under Settings > Bluetooth that the phone is connected to the Garmin Glo.
Who Can Access My Data?

You are in control of who can access your data within the Farmable platform.

Driver accounts associated with a Farm profile may only log-in to the Farmable App to view Job details delegated to their Driver profile. 

A Driver is not able to able to log-in to the My.Farmable.tech Admin Tool and therefore does not have access to view or edit Farm profile information such as fields and equipment.

The Farmable team has access to aggregated and anonymized data in order to improve Farmable services and product offerings. We may also access your profile on an as needed basis to support specific help requests.

You can read further about how your data is protected in Farmable’s Privacy Policy.

Is It Secure?

The information you share with Farmable is stored securely with our cloud service provider.

We use a world-class accredited cloud storage solution that meets ISO 27001 certifications for information management, ISO 27017 for controlling cloud-based information security and ISO 27018 for the protection of personal data.